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Hannah klep for Album-24
Hannah klep for Album-26
Hannah klep for Album-9
Hannah klep for Album-11
Hannah klep for Album-17
BIpp 4th cut-1
Hannah klep for Album-13
Equine EH Session 2-5
Equine - EH session 1-6
Hannah klep for Album-7
BIpp 4th cut-16
Hannah klep for Album-1
For BIPP 3rd Cut-63
For BIPP 3rd Cut-70
Hannah klep for Album-12
Davies Family - Sept 2019 Colour - img#-
Hannah klep for Album-31
Hannah Klep - 14th February 2020-4
Hannah klep for Album-9
BIpp 4th cut-2
Kels Full Colour Set-64
Hannah Klep - 14th February 2020-2
Birgit Wedding Selection-2003
Hannah klep for Album-19


Don't let those precious moments pass you by... 

Together we can capture those special moments you want to remember forever. 

Collaborating to create bespoke fine art pieces to be cherished for years to come. 



"There aren't enough stars for Georgina and her phenomenal photography talents! I'm so grateful for the beautiful time we spent together with our herd a couple of weeks ago. She immediately enabled the herd to feel relaxed at complete liberty around her, capturing so many absolutely exquisite images of the horses, donkeys and land. The fact that the herd were comfortable and relaxed enough to lie down with her wandering around photographing them was proof of her lovely calm energy. How she even managed to make me look OK was more testament to her incredible skills!  I'm really completely blown away by the results."

Jacqui Howe, Springwood Sanctuary, Surrey, UK


About Me


Creating inspiration fine art images and capturing memories that my clients can cherish forever. 

Based in Oxfordshire, I travel all over the world for private commissions.

 Capturing the special bond between horses and their humans.

The right hand image is the photograph that set me on course for this amazing career. 

It was taken by the legendary Emily Hancock and it shows me with my once in a lifetime horse, Taiyo, which is Japanese for Rising Sun. She came with the name, but I grew to love it!

Taiyo was with me for twenty years, she jumped more double clears than I can possibly remember, she waited for me at the gate when I got home from school, she bucked me off when I deserved it and taught me more about unconditional, love, compassion and patience than any human ever could.  She lived a beautiful life, gave me two wonderful foals and then,

just a few months after this image was taken, she was gone. 

My passion is creating beautiful artwork from these precious moments. I know what it means to have this bond preserved forever and this is what I aim to capture for every single one of my clients.


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