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Hi, I'm Georgina


I am a photographer based in West London and Oxford known for my love of the outdoors and photographing everyone in nature if I can get away with it!


As a photographer, I am simply here to tell a story and I am happy to work towards achieving the effect and impression that you are looking for.


My aim is alway to create stunning artistic images that you fall in love with and can treasure forever.


My prices start from £150 per hour and my service is always bespoke so please contact me with your ideas about what you would like. I love to chat to my clients about the images they would love to have of themselves, of their products, or their animals, and how I can help.


As world-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce says: "Portrait photography isn’t about the photographer. Nor is it about building a Facebook following or making a name for yourself. The real goal is to take stunning portraits that people will look back on 20 years from now and say, “This is more priceless than anything we own.” That is what photographers are creating."





In portraits my focus is always on your personality and the emotional content. I am happy to work with whatever environment and approach makes you feel most comfortable to get you the images you want. 


I often photograph portraits for personal branding as a modern alternative to the "Corporate Headshot". My clients include entrepeneur's business women and bloggers.


Horses, Dogs & their People


As an equestrian photographer it is my passion to create images that capture not only the beauty of you and your horse, but also the emotion, connection and meaning that comes with being an equestrian. 


Every horse has it’s own personality and every equestrian her own style and story to tell. My subjects range from ages 4 - 84, from young girls just starting out, to competitive riders, to women returning to horses after many years away. I love going beyond classic portraits and show photography to celebrate the gorgeous real moments that make riding so magical.


Building my relationship with my own horse of the past 20 years, has empowered me to conquer fears and experience the kind of  joy only other  equestrians would understand. I loved my mare with all my heart! And losing her last summer only made me appreciate the value of the beatiful images I have of her all the more. 


Riding horses is so much more than a hobby or sport, it’s a privilege and one of the world’s greatest joys. Capturing that joy in an image is what great equestrian photography is all about for me, and it’s what I would love to capture for you.



Couples and Wedding Photography


To photograph a wedding is always a tremendous privilege. There is nothing that makes me happier than capturing the images that tell your story in the way you dream it will look. 


I prefer to shoot candid photographs with genuine emotional content that will enable you to treasure the memories of your special day forever. 


On your wedding day I will become part of your family, so your story is told truly, through the eyes of a friend you can trust. To me wedding photography isn’t about hours of posing for photos, it’s about enjoying one of the most important days of your life with the people that matter most to you. By welcoming me into your world, all the moments of your day will be documented with love – from the serious, to the silly, to the poetic.


As your wedding photographer it is my passion to capture wedding photos that will become part of your family’s legacy. I believe we become who we are through our relationships with our family and friends, and that there is nothing more valuable than images that celebrate those connections.



Yoga and Social Enterprise


As a keen yogi myself, I enjoy capturing the peace and freedom that yoga practice can bring and produce photographs for instructors, studios and yoga clothing brands.


I really appreciate the value of images in telling a story and inspiring people. I am always happy to consider pro-bono work for social enterprises or animal charities in London and Oxford orfurther a field. Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries. 



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