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Revisiting Springwood Sanctuary

Sometimes, just knowing a place exists make the whole worlds seem a kinder, richer and more peaceful place. Springwood Sanctuary is one of those places. Jacqui and David, have created something magical... some of their journey to get here is set out my recent the article below.

All of the horses and Donkey's on this land have their own stories to tell and all of them were rescued because they were considered too dangerous to keep. Now they roam freely on this 80 acre site and will lie beside Jacqui knowing she has done everything she can to provide for them.

As I write this, another bonded herd of free roaming horses and ponies is in desperate need of a home and Jacqui is determined to help if she can, but she needs support from sponsors and volunteers and may be offering a paid position for the right person to support the work at the sanctuary. So please do pass this on if you know of anyone who might be interested in working with Jacqui and the sanctuary.

This isn't somewhere you'd learn horse-whispering for party tricks, but I know of no-one more able to communicate deeply with these creatures we all love so much and more determined to give them the space they need to heal and find their own peace.

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