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How to plan a Bucket List Beach Trip

If you're anything like me, then riding your own horse on the beach and feeling their exhilaration as they gallop through the sea is definitely on your bucket list, so here is what I've learnt from my beach shoots...

I've been lucky enough to photograph quite a few clients taking their horse to the beach for the first time and the joy on their faces is always what gets me the most.

1. Bring a Friend

Not just for your, but also for your horse!

If you know a horse that loves the sea they can definitely help lead the charge into the waves and give your horse confidence that they need to just have fun!

2. Find a horse friendly beach

My favourites are:

  • Holkham, Norfolk

  • West Sands, St Andrews - Scotland

  • Studland Beach, Dorset

  • Balmedie Beach, Aberdeenshire

3. Consider staying overnight

If you aren't lucky enough to live relatively close to a horse friendly beach there are now a few places that offer accommodation and stabling. I love Home Farm near Holkham -

And you can always get some beautiful images like this one of Jess and Jimmy before you head to the beach.

4. Check the tides

Just to ensure you get there with plenty of sand to canter on!

5. Let your horse feel like it's a holiday...

And finally... Make sure you capture the memories!

I'm biased of course, but surely moments like this are the ones you will want to remember! I have a few beach shoot days this year - in Norfolk and in St Andrews so get in touch if you want to know more. I am also always up for travelling to the beach if you have a specific day or place in mind, just please bear in mind that I am usually booked up a few months in advance.


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