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Why you should book an Equine Photoshoot

Updated: Mar 3

If the last two years have taught me anything it is that life is precious and unpredictable and the best time to celebrate and appreciate the things we love the most is always now! Ultimately it is about the memories, preserving them, sharing them and having fun making them!

I know from having my own horses how quickly time passes and how grateful I am for the images I do have that remind me of the special times we shared together...

I also know from experience, that however hard my Mum tried when I was little, nothing quite matches up to a professional photograph - however hard she tried she never quite managed to get anything like the professional shot that blows up into a beautiful frame or aluminium print and I love looking at every day...

I also know from my clients that you never know when it might be too late... I did a beautiful sunset shoot a few months ago with a stunning grey hunter, aptly named Silver, who looked absolutely in his prime and then just before Christmas I received a heartbreaking message from his owner, that he had been PTS due to a freak tendon injury, and she wanted me to know how glad she was that he had booked the shoot and preserved those memories before she realised how precious they were...

And finally, having a photoshoot is fun! It is something to look forward to and get dressed up for (if that's your thing). I haven't had a single photoshoot that my clients haven't clearly enjoyed and I'm pretty sure most horses love all the extra treats and grooming too.

So what are you waiting for?


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